Mosques converted from churches , cathedrals or synagogues

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Acropolis Parthenon was used as a Christian church from the 6th century, and turned into a mosque between 1456 and 1687.
Caves of Maresha and Bet Guvrin There is a Crusader church in Bet Guvrin used by the Knights Hospitalers. It was later converted into a mosque
Cordoba Was a Visigoth church before being converted to a mosque in 784. Became a Church again in 1236.
Damascus In 705 the "Church of St John" was rebuilt as a mosque (immediately after the Muslim conquest in 636 it was shared between Christians and Muslims). Now known as "Umayyad Mosque".
Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town Tomb of the Patriarchs
Istanbul "Hagia Sophia" became "Ayasofya Mosque" from 1453 -1935 (Now a museum); "Saint John the Forerunner by-the-Dome" (12th C) became the "Hirami Ahmet Pasha Mosque" in late 16th century
Kasbah of Algiers "Ketchaoua Mosque" was re-created in 1962 from "Cathedral of St Philippe" which itself had been created from the Ketchaoua mosque in 1845.
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo Our Lady of LjeviĆĄ was converted to a mosque during the Ottoman Empire and then back into an Orthodox Church in the early 20th century.
Ohrid Region During the time of Ottoman rule St. Clement's Monastery church at Plaosnik was transformed into the Imater Mosque. The mosque did not survive the end of the Ottoman Empire.
Old City of Acre Synagogue
Pergamon There's now a mosque in one of the buildings of the Byzantine Red Basilica (wikitravel)
Syracuse The Cathedral of Syracuse "was converted into a mosque in 878, then converted back when Norman Roger I of Sicily retook the city in 1085." (wiki)
Thessalonika Galerius' Masoleum which was turned into a church (St Gregorios and not Demitrius) and then into a mosque.


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