Mithraism was a mystery religion which became popular among the military in the Roman Empire, from the 1st to 4th centuries AD. It is best attested in the cities of Rome and Ostia and in the Roman provinces of Mauretania, Britain, and in the provinces along the Rhine and Danube frontier.

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Danube Limes Mithraeums were found in several locations, such as Künzing and Linz. The Mithraeum in Pöchlarn (ID No 18d) "is the only one preserved on the northern Danube limes and is directly connected with the military units garrisoned here." (Nomination file, p. 72) Several Mithraeums were discovered at Carnuntum (ID No 31). Mithraeum III, located in the western part of Petronell, was probably built in the late 2nd century and was one of the largest sacred buildings in Carnuntum.
Fertö/Neusiedlersee Fertorakos Mithraeum
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Rudchester Mithraeum at Hadrian's Wall
Lower German Limes Consecration stones for Mithras have been found in Dormagen (Durnomagus).
Nisa Nisa Was called "Mithradatkert". Among its kings were Mithradates I and II (= "Given by Mithra"). Mithraic mausoleums and shrines have been uncovered
Rome Under Santo Stefano Rotondo and Basilica di San Clemente
Sulaiman-Too "There is material to suggest that the earliest cult of Sulaiman-Too could be Mithraism. Mithra, one of the most ancient Indo-Arian gods, was later included in the Zoroastrian pantheon." (AB evaluation)


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