Medieval buildings with significant 19th century murals

WHS that date from the Middle Ages and have had 19th century murals added in their original constructions.

Connected Sites

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Brugge Gotische Zaal at Stadhuis by Jean-Baptiste Betune
Mtskheta Svetitskhoveli complex: The monumental Pantocrator in the main apse is characteristic of the 11 th century, but was repainted in the 19th century.
Rammelsberg and Goslar Goslar: Kaisersaal at the Kaiserpfalz by Hermann Wislicenus
Speyer Cathedral By Johann von Schraudorf
Strasbourg Strasbourg Cathedral has neo-Byzantine 19th c. frescoes in the Romanesque chancel.
Wartburg Castle the Sängersaal (with frescoes of the Sängerkrieg by Moritz von Schwind) and the Festssaal on the top floor. The latter also features frescoes by Schwind (on the triumph of Christianity) and served as the inspiration for the Sängerhalle at Neuschwanstein Castle. The ...... . None of the wallpaintings, including those in the Landgrafenzimmer or the Elisabethengalerie, are actually medieval in origin, but were created in the 19th century" (Wiki)


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