Lord George Macartney

"WHS" visited by Lord Macartney during his "Embassy" to China (1792-4). See- Wikipedia. Described by him in his diaries and also in full detail in "An authentic Account of and Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China" by Sir George Staunton who accompanied Macartney and was charged with producing the offical report of the expedition. See here.

Connected Sites

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Grand Canal Lord Macartney left China by taking the Grand Canal - the account includes detailed descriptions of the journey
Great Wall Thurs 5 Sept. Travels through the "Min-nan-tien" the southern Juyongguan Pass. "About halfway the road ascends a steep hill and passes through the min-nan-tien". Returns the same way from Jehol on Mon 23 Sep 1793
Imperial Palace Thurs 3rd Oct 1793. Was called to the Imperial Palace and was shown the Emperor's reply to King George III's letter delivered earlier at Jehol (though he couldn't actually take it away and it was delievered to his accommodation in another ceremony)
Macao Wed 15 Jan. Reaches Macao and stays at the Casa do Camoes "It is most delightfully situated and has a very pleasant romantic gardne adjoining it of considerable extent. The tradition of Macao says it was the habitation of the celebrated Camoes and that he here composed his Luciad"
Mountain Resort, Chengde Sun 8 - Sat 21 Sept 1793. Visits the Palace (meets the Emperor and does not kowtow), Western Garden, Putuo Zongcheng Temple ( or "Potala")
West Lake Thurs 14 Nov 1793 ""The environs of the town are very beautiful embellished by an extensive lake...... On one side of the Lake is a pagoda in ruins which forms a remarkably fine object. There is a famous print of a painting made by the artist of the party "on the borders of Lake See-Hoo" (Xi-Hu)


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