Sites which have had to be or are still being cleared of landmines.

Connected Sites

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Bamiyan Valley
My Son Nom file "In August 1969 the sanctuary itself was heavily bombed, causing great destruction. After the war the area was progressively cleared of mines and unexploded bombs and shells."... " In 1981, with the help and technical assistance of the Polish Government, the first action was taken to clear the area of mines and restore the main monuments, damaged by years of war and neglect"
Phong Nha - Ke Bang
Plain of Jars Although the nomination dossier describes ongoing work to remove UXOs, the State Party has subsequently advised that this is now complete and all components are now clear. UXO clearing in the buffer zones is continuing (AB ev)
Preah Vihear Temple "The property was heavily mined during the Khmer Rouge period. The Cambodian Mine Action Centre has nearly finished clearing the area proposed for inscription. Some pockets remain to be dealt with on the north-east of the perimeter and close to the eastern stairway. After a short break this work began again in June 2006." (AB ev)


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