Joan of Arc

Buildings visited by Joan of Arc which are now WHS.

Connected Sites

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Belfries Jeanne d'Arc is said to have been locked up for one night in the belfry of Lucheux on her way to Rouen, where she was burnt at the stake. (Nomination file, p. 49)
Loire Valley Her first meeting with Charles VII took place at the Chateau de Chinon. "On 6 March 1429 Joan of Arc arrived at Château de Chinon. She claimed to hear heavenly voices that said Charles would grant her an army to relieve the siege of Orléans.While staying at the castle she resided in the Tour du Coudray. Charles met with her two days after her arrival and then sent her to Poitiers so that she could be cross-examined to ensure she was telling the truth. Joan returned to Chinon in April where Charles granted her supplies and sent her to join the army at Orléans" (Wiki)
Provins On 3 Aug 1429 Joan of Arc attended mass in L'église St Quiriace with Charles VII after his coronation. A plaque and a statue in the church commemorate the event.
Reims Charles VII was crowned in the Cathedral on July 17 1429 in the presence of Joan of Arc.


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