Isostatic Rebound

WHS showing significant and visible signs of Isostatic ("Post Glacial") Rebound.

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Birka and Hovgarden The trading post of Birka was established in mid 8th century AD and was abandoned around late 10th century. "The reasons for Birka's decline are disputed. A contributing factor may have been the post glacial rebound which lowered the water level of M?laren changing it from an arm of the sea into a lake and cut Birka off from the nearest (southern) access to the Baltic." (Wiki)
Gammelstad "However the phenomenon of progressive land upheaval following the last ice age led to the abandonment of the old harbour and the relocation of the trading centre closer to the sea in the mid 17th century. The new settlement took the name of Lulea and was also known as Nystan ("New town"), the earlier church site being renamed Gammelstad ("Old town"). (AB evaluation). Today Gammelstad lies around 10kms upstream on the Lule river
Gros Morne National Park Western Brook Pond was created by glaciation as a fjord but later rebound lifted the land above sea level and turned it into a freshwater lake
High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago Kvarken: raised shore lines and new islands showing an uplift over the last 9600years in the order of 285-294m which is the highest evident ?rebound? known
Rock Art of Alta The rock art is further away from the sea than when carved.
Sammallahdenmäki "The Sammallahdenmaki cairns were erected on a coastal cliff.... Due to land uplift the sea coastt is no longer visible but the view .. gives and idea of what the ancient seascape looked like" (Nom File)
Southern Öland The entire island only rose from the Baltic 10000 years ago. The plateau of Stora Alvaret contains several 7000 year old iron age settlements which today are set well back from the coastline - remains show the early inhabitants to have been involved in fishing
Visby Visby's Almedalen area. In medieval times the area, just outside the city walls, was the city harbour. Due to the post-glacial rebound, the port over time grew too shallow and a new one had to be constructed further away from the city, where the sea is deeper. In the 19th century the area went by the name Gamle Hamn (Old Port). When the area was planted with elms in the 1870s, the name Almedalen was coined. (wiki)


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