Islands threatened by inundation

Inscribed islands which are undergoing visible/measurable reduction in size because of erosion, rising river or sea levels, tectonic subsidence etc. Excluding transitory coastal or deltaic sandbanks etc

Connected Sites

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Island of Gorée There have been numerous WHC "decisions" over the years concerning the unchecked and continuing erosion of Goree including this in 2009 "(The WHC) ... Expresses strong concern about the ongoing erosion of the coastline, particularly in the western part of the island, and its effect on the Relais de l'Espadon and other buildings in the area;"
Island of Saint-Louis "In June 2008, Alioune Badiane of the United Nations' UN-Habitat agency designated Saint-Louis as "the city most threatened by rising sea levels in the whole of Africa", citing climate change and a failed 2004 river and tidal canal project as the cause" (Wiki)
Kunta Kinteh Island "James Island is suffering heavy erosion, and is now approximately 1/6 of its size during the times of the fort" (Wiki)
Nan Madol
Surtsey "The island currently loses about 1.0 ha (2.5 acres) of its surface area each year......Estimates of how long Surtsey will survive are based on the rate of erosion seen up to the present day. Assuming that the current rate does not change, the island will be mostly at or below sea level by 2100. However, the rate of erosion is likely to slow as the tougher core of the island is exposed: an assessment assuming that the rate of erosion will slow exponentially suggests that the island will survive for many centuries" (Wiki)
Venice and its Lagoon


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