Ibn Khaldun

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North African polymath 1332-1406 whose experiences in the service of various rulers, and his knowledge of history in general, led him to develop radical (for their time) views on the nature of society, economics, politics and history. Has been dubbed the "Father of Sociology". Hear about him on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qckbw.

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Damascus In 1400 was sent there from Cairo by the Mamluk sultan to negotiate with Tamurlane who was besieging the city.
Historic Cairo Lived there from 1384 until his death in 1406. Taught at al-Azhar University and was appointed a qadi or "judge" by the Egyptian Mamluk sultan.
Medina of Fez Worked for the Merenid sultan from c1354 for around 10 years - 2 of them spent in jail for plotting against the sultan!. The Fez Palace in Fez Jdid was built by the Merenids n the 13th century when they moved thewir capital back to Fez from Marrakesh.
Medina of Tunis Born and educated in Tunis and started working as a calligrapher for the ruler c1350. Tunis has erected a statue commemorating this "son of the city" but situated outside the medina in the Avenue Habib Bourguiba.
Seville In 1364, whilst in the service of the Nasrid Sultan Mohammed V of Granada, he was sent to meet Pedro the Cruel in Seville to conclude a peace treaty. Pedro's palace was the "Alcazares Reales de Sevilla". "Ibn Khaldun successfully carried out this mission, and politely declined Pedro's offer to remain at his court and have his family's Spanish possessions returned to him." (Wiki)


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