Horse Burials

WHS associated with the burial of horses as part of funeral rites - either when dead or alive and whole or in part

Connected Sites

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Deer Stone Monuments "There are both human burials and remains of horses (assumed to be sacrificial offerings) at the khirgis├╝├╝rs" (AB ev)
Gebel Barkal At El Kurru "some 120 meters to the north-west of pyramids K.51-K.55 four rows of graves were found which contained horse burials. The rows contained four, eight, eight and four graves respectively.... The tombs had all been robbed, but enough remained to determined that the horses were all buried in an upright position. The horses were buried with all their trappings" (Wiki)
Longobards in Italy The Longobards also had a practice to bury horses with their dead warriors. One example is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Cividale.
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor "Almost one hundred pits containing the skeletons of horses and terracotta grooms constituted the emperor's stables. Even hay was provided." See "Stable Pits" under
Thracian tomb of Sveshtari "Note that the bone matter found during excavation bears witness to the horse sacrifices which accompagnied (sic) the funeral rites." (AB)


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