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WHS outside the current borders of Germany to which Hitler made a historically or personally significant visit.

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Centennial Hall "On September 12, 1930 Hitler held a speech in the Jahrhunderthalle for 25.000 people. In the period before the elections of March 13, 1932 (on March 3) Hitler was in Breslau again for a speech in the Jahrhunderthalle. In that same year he spoke at this location again on April 18 and October 19. In 1933, on March 1, Hitler spoke at the Jahrhunderthalle again. On March 22, 1936 Hitler spoke at the Jahrhunderthalle again. On November 20, 1943 Hitler spoke here for the last time."
Cesky Krumlov During his second visit to the newly annexed Sudetenland Hitler spoke in front of the Rathaus of Krumau (now "Cesky Krumlov") on Oct 20 1938. Krumau became a part of Austria.
Florence Hitler visited Florence in May 1938 on a state visit.
Paris, Banks of the Seine Hitler paid a "victory visit" on Jun 23 1942. The "climax" of his visit was to the Tomb of Napoleon! His car had crossed Pont d'Iena and passed the Eiffel Tower/Ecole Militaire. At les Invalides he got out of his car (the only occasion he did!) and walked through the Church and courtyard to be picked up the other side and taken laong the Quai d'Orsay.
Prague "In the late afternoon (of March 15 1939) Hitler himself arrived in the Czech capital to sleep in the Hradschin Castle, seat of the Bohemian kings, the Habsburgs and of the Czech democracy". On March 16 "...speaking from the balcony of the castle, Hitler proclaimed to a shocked and sullen populace that their country no longer existed. It had been replaced by the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia".
Rammelsberg and Goslar Goslar
Salzburg Hitler journeyed to Salzburg on 5 February 1914 for medical assessment.
Strasbourg "Adolf Hitler, who visited it on 28 June 1940, intended to transform the church into a "national sanctuary of the German people"" (wiki)
Vienna Numerous. Hitler lived there from 1905-14 and visited it in triumph after the Anschluss in April 1938. Among "Hitler related" locations within the inscribed area are Hotel Imperial - Kartner Ring. Stayed there after the Anschluss. Eva Braun (then unknown) had room next to his. Heldenplatz/Hofburg - made speech from balcony of the Neueburg to crowd in Heldenplatz on March 15 1938 after the Anschluss Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der bildenden K?nste). Schillerplatz. Rejected Hitler as a student in 1907 and 08.
Warsaw He received the Wehrmacht parade in Warsaw on October 5, 1939.


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