Hiroshima Hotspot

Cluster of at least 4 WHS within reach for a return day trip from a center.

The center is: Hiroshima.
Neighboring hotspot: Kyoto (100min by shinkansen)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Genbaku Dome In Hiroshima
Himeji-jo An hour by train
Itsukushima Shrine Half an hour by train and ferry
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine (via direct bus to Omori, 2.5 hours one way)
Okinoshima Island the main shrine on Kyushu Island is easy to visit by bullet train via Kitakyushu and another local train.
Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution Hagi - 2.5h by train and bus

Map of Hiroshima Hotspot

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  • Cultural
  • Natural
  • Mixed
  • Tentative


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