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Edward I

Edward I (1239-1307), King of England from 1272-1307

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Connected Sites

  • Edinburgh: Castle captured in 1296 by Edward I after a 3 day siege
  • Gwynedd Castles: Built 1277 onwards by Edward I to pacify/control Wales during the Welsh wars. Had his son (later Edward II) who had been born at Carnarfon in 1284 invested there as first ever "Prince of Wales" in 1301
  • Old City of Acre: During the 9th Crusade, the only city in the Holy Land then still under Christian control was relieved from an Egyptian siege by Edward in May 1271. He survived being stabbed there with a poisoned dagger by an "Assassin" and was supposedly saved by his wife, Eleanor of Castile, sucking the poison! His Daughter was called "Joan of Acre" having been born there.
  • Tower of London: His "private Chambers" have been reconstructed and can be seen
  • Westminster: Born (Palace) and Buried (Abbey)


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