Developed since inscription

Sites where a "Significant Development" has taken place since inscription without delisting, placing on the danger list, general warnings etc.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Kyoto In 2001 Uji Byodoin Temple opened its modern museum mostly built underground of the temple complex.
Edinburgh Scottish Parliament building (1999-2004)
Graz The Kunsthaus and the Murinsel were built 4 years after inscription.
Kazan Kremlin Kul Sharif Mosque inside the Kremlin (2005)
Kew Gardens Davies Alpine House (2006)
Museumsinsel (Museum Island) A contemporary building "James Simon-Galerie" is under development in front of the Neues Museum for completion in 2012 ("modern with a hull of satin glass and steel").
Prague The Dancing house 1992-96
St. Petersburg "Flood protection Facility complex" passes through the inscribed Northern forts of Kronstadt (still under construction but northern section from Kronstadt was opened in Dec 2007)
Vatican City Mater Ecclesiae Monastery inside Vatican Gardens erected between 1992 and 1994
Venice and its Lagoon Ponte di Calatrava across the Grand Canal (2008)
Yaroslavl rebuilt Dormition Cathedral in 2010


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