Designed by or influenced Le Corbusier

WHS connected with Le Corbusier
a. Containing a building designed by him
b. Visited by him and for which he did designs or which are regarded as having influenced him (with reference to his writings/drawings).

Connected Sites

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Acropolis Visited during his 1911 "Voyage d'Orient. Influenced his concept of the "Promenade Architecturale" and the necessity of standardisation
Istanbul Visited Hagia Sophia in 1911 and later wrote about it (see link). Thought to have influenced his ideas on the importance of interior space, use of light, the cupola and of silouhettes. e.g Chandigarh?
Kasbah of Algiers Between 1931 and 42 Le Corbusier had a long association with Algiers and its Kasbah. His plan (never implemented) for the development of Algiers ("Plan Obus") incorporated the Kasbah, made use of some of its vernacular aspects but also intended to destroy much of it! (though he also wrote "The Casbah is nothing but an enormous stairway, a lofty gallery where thousands come each evening to worship nature")
La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le Locle Villa Turque. Designed 1916
M'Zab Valley Le Corbusier visited in 1931 and this is credited with influencing the ideas for "La Ville Radieuse" and Ronchamp
Mount Athos Said to have influenced the design for the Priory of Ste Marie de la Tourette
Pompei He writes of the ideas he developed from viewing the Casa del Noce "CASA DEL NOCE, at Pompeii. Again the little vestibule which frees your mind from the street. And then you are in the Atrium; four columns in the middle (four cylinders) shoot up towards the shade of the roof giving a feeling of force and a witness of brilliant methods; but at the far end is the brilliance of the garden seen through the peristyle which spreads out this light.... (Le Corbusier, 1927, p. 183)"
Rio de Janeiro Le Corbusier visited in 1929 during a tour of several cities in the Americas by air. He was particularly taken by the new ideas gained from "aerial vision" and produced an outline design for the city which incorporated Sugar loaf/ Corcovado etc. His vision is presented from around minute 10 of this video
The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier


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