André Malraux

WHS connected with André Malraux (1901-76): French intellectual, writer, adventurer and politician

Connected Sites

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Angkor arrested in 1923 for removing 7 stone statues from Banteay Srei. Sentenced to 3 years in prison, later reduced to 1yr 8mths suspended. Writes La Voie Royale based on this experience ("The characters go on an expedition in the jungle, along the ancient royal road. The first seeks marketable objects, the other wants to find an old lost friend" - Wiki)
Nubian Monuments Presided at the ceremony held at UNESCO HQ Paris in Mar 1960 to launch the International Campaign for the Preservation of the Monuments of Nubia which ultimately led to the preservation of Philae and Abu Simbel. Text of his speech
Vézère Valley As Minister of Culture in April 1963 he closed Lascaux to the public


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