Alpine ski areas in core zone

WHS with lifts and marked pistes for alpine skiing in their core zones.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Banff NP: 3 ski resorts (Lake Louise, Norquay, and Sunshine Village)
Causses and Cévennes Some ski lifts and pistes at the "summit" of Mont Lozere
Dolomites Marmolada
Great Spa Towns of Europe Mariánské Lázně
Hallstatt-Dachstein The main ski area is the "Schladminger Gletscher", which is labelled on the map with "Cross Country Skiing" and Alpine Skiing". It is best reached by gondola from the south side of the WHS. You cannot get there from Hallstatt without hiking. The boundaries of the core zone run along the mountain ridge. Also Dachstein Krippenstein (with lifts).
Pyrénées - Mont Perdu Gavarnie-Gadre Ski Resort


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