'Threatened' by Roads

WHS where there are/have been plans to build a Road regarded by UNESCO/IUCN/ICOMOS as potentially damaging to the OUV of the site (irrespective of whether the site of the road is inside the Inscribed/Buffer zones or not).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Berat and Gjirokastra There are plans for a bypass road in the city of Gjirokastra, despite a call from Unesco during its 44th session in July 2021 for its urgent suspension to assess the risk to the renowned "stone city".
Iguacu A bill introduced in Brazil's Congress calls for reopening a closed road that cuts through IguaƧu National Park. The proposal poses a serious threat to jaguars, whose numbers have been growing steadily there. Reopening the road, closed since 2001, will not only increase the animals' risk of being hit by vehicles but also make it easier for poachers to hunt them.
Lorentz National Park Habema-Kenyam road
Los Katios National Park Pan American Highway
Moenjodaro Larkana- Moenjodaro Airport Expressway
Pyramids (Memphis) Cairo Ring Road
Serengeti Arusha- Musoma Highway


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