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Bury's answer to Indiana Jones, at least that is what I think.

I am a retired accounts clerk, currently 71. Featured in Great Britain's Daily Telegraph on a article on Solo Travel, September 2023. 'Is this the Telegraph's champion solo traveller at 106 Countries ?' The answer being no, 131 being claimed by another reader.

I plan my annual trips round visiting the main sights / sites in a country. This tends to be the WHS and any obvious interesting places to visit en route.  September / October being all 12 of the mainland WHS of Portugal. 

Record bag being 31 in a 10 week Mexico / Guatemala / Belize / Honduras / El Salvador backpacking / Explore Worldwide tour.

Current 'absolute gem' being the fortifications of Elvas, Portugal. Number of tourists probably about 50 for a massive site.

Not checked the number done since the 2022/23 additions although I must be over 400 in over 70 countries. Top country bagged being 46 in Italy. The last additions to the list giving me my first in Tadzhikstan, Pejikent, a 1979 visit.

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Ancient Jericho

Philip Wharmby United Kingdom - 23-Oct-23

I am one of the people who visited as a tourist before heading off somewhere else. (Dead Sea, Massada & Beersheba) on a long day trip from Tel Aviv in late 1978. I had a guidebook, pre Lonely Planet and a Guide, Israeli who gave us a short, about 15 min tour. A couple of signs, noting to show that it had been there about 8000 years. I remember it as a dilapidated version of Troy, only a whole series of foundations and only to be seen with a guide who knew what he was talking about. Thankfully he did, a quick intro about Joshua before mentioning that the tale was dubious, the layer destroyed by an earthquake was hundreds of years before him. He then described the visible layers then we were on our way again. It needed interpretation boards and restoration

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Philip Wharmby
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Teotihuacan (the hot air balloon flight over it.)
Bletchley Park, & 'Ourselves alone'. Surviving WW2 sites.

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