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Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge

Kieran Donoghue UK - 14-Jul-08

Mehmed Paša Sokolovic was a local lad made good who rose to become one of the most senior figures of his day in the Ottoman Empire. As this part of what is now Bosnia was something of an outpost, this is quite impressive - a bit like an Indian becoming prime minister in Victorian Britain. He sponsored the building of this bridge by one of the great architects of the time, and this Višegrad bridge is considered one of the finest examples of Ottoman bridge design, hence its inscription. I struggled to get more info than this about the bridge as the newly built tourist office was not geared up for non-slavic speakers.

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Viñales Valley

Kieran Donoghue UK -

Accorfding to UNESCO, Vinales is on the list because "traditional methods of agriculture (notably tobacco growing) have survived unchanged there for several centuries. The region also preserves a rich vernacular tradition in its architecture, its crafts, and its music." Unfortunately these are the kinds of qualities that are not always easily discernible to the passing tourist as I was in 2001 when I visited. It is set in a Karst landscape that was visually intersting - but that was before I visited Halong bay and the Gulin/Yangshuo area of China. My friends and I had a pleasant stop there at a local homestay, where we had the best food we ate in Cuba (not much competition though I'm afraid). If you have a particular interest in

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