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Me and Big Daddy are planning to visit 50 UNESCO sites before we leave this earth and transition to heaven.  Here are the potential sites we want to visit before the end of 2022:

  1. Mesa Verde
  2. Taos Pueblo
  3. Chaco Culture
  4. Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  5. Carlsbad Caverns
  6. Pompeii
  7. Historic Center of Rome
  8. Vatican
  9. Villa Adriana
  10. Royal Palace Caserta
  11. Taormina
  12. Acropolis
  13. Agamenon Tomb
  14. Palace of Versailles
  15. Banks of Seine
  16. Pont Du Gard
  17. Avignon Historic Center/Papal Palace
  18. Triumphal Arc of Orange
  19. Provins
  20. Cathedral of Notre Dame
  21. Chartres Cathedral
  22. Amiens Cathedral

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