Archaeological Complex of Toro Muerto


Archaeological Complex of Toro Muerto is part of the Tentative list of Peru in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Toro Muerto is a site of petroglyphs engraved between 800 and 1500 on more than 2500 rocks of volcanic origin located in a desertic valley. The artists created anthropomorphic, zoomorphic (camelids, dogs, birds, reptiles...) and geometric motifs as well as scenes from everyday life. It is an exceptional ensemble which represents a unique tradition of rock art.

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Jarek Pokrzywnicki

Polska - 30-Aug-19 -

Archaeological Complex of Toro Muerto (T) by Jarek Pokrzywnicki

Site visited in November, 2013. Finally it has been added to tentative places. One of the best petroglyph site I have ever seen, can be compared only with Tamgaly in Kazakchstan. 

The best place to start exploration of the site is a small town of Corire, some 3 hours by bus from Arequipa (doable as a day trip if you stay in Arequipa). While in Corire you have 2 options to reach the site. One is walk - around 3 km from Corire center (mind that the last part of the road is barren lanscape with no shadow - in hot days it may be difficult. Other option is to take a taxi from central Corire. The taxi will take you there, wait for you and take you back to Corire, prices are negotiable.

On a way from Corire towards Toro Muerto there is a small visitor's centre and ticket booth. If closed someone will come to you while you are visiting the place. As far as I remember official entrance fee was around 5 peruvian soles per person.

Toro Muerto petroglyphs are located in the upper part of La Candelaria village in vast valley. As of 2013 the area was completely unmarked, no paths, no signs, you just go and see on your own. Thousand of stones, rock, the majority of them were with some kind of carvings - typical scenes as in other places - hunting scenes, animals, people, different symbols. But what really matters is the concentration of them. You can spend hours on finding different petroglyphs, each big rock or stone can be covered with them. Reserve at least two hours to explore the area. Have in mind that there are no trees, no shadow there, just barren landscape so take water during sunny day together with sun protective precautions.

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Archaeological Complex of Toro Muerto
Archaeological site - Rock Art
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Archaeological Complex of Toro Muerto (T)


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