Le chapelet d'oasis de Tighmert

Photo by Roman Bruehwiler.

Le chapelet d'oasis de Tighmert, Région présaharienne du Wad Noun is part of the Tentative list of Morocco in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The chain of oases in the Tighmert comprises a series of palm groves exploited by the Azwafit tribe. They inhabit the Ksour, created in vernacular building style. Weekly and annual markets service the trans-Saharan trade.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 04-Jul-22 -

Le chapelet d'oasis de Tighmert (T) by Zoë Sheng

Dislike it, and hard to imagine any OUV although there are some SPECIAL things to see if you look hard enough.

First off the Azwafit, the owner of my guest house being one, no longer live a nomad lifestyle, and second they aren't the only people in the Tighmert oasis either. They don't have any unique living style to even me of cultural significance.

Furthermore the old Ksour buildings have zero protection and just lie around crumbled, one day being just dirtpiles. I don't see them surviving and they aren't even special to the locals who prefer modern ones. You can see the former houses here and there as you drive through the dirty road into the oasis but there is a good one just west of the main road requiring only 200m of dirt road.

Lastly, the camel market is THE place in Morocco if you are in the market for a new ride, taking place every Friday and Saturday. It's not something you must see but keep it mind for your travel planning.

So while I don't find this place too great it wasn't much of a detour and the locals were super friendly, the ride through the Sahara from the west is fabulous and always make sure you have enough gas if you do this long trip!

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Le chapelet d'oasis de Tighmert, Région présaharienne du Wad Noun
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