Sulcis Iglesiente

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Sulcis Iglesiente is part of the Tentative list of Italy in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Sulcis-Iglesiente is the region of southwestern Sardinia, comprising the territories of Sulcis and Iglesiente, also including the islands of San Pietro and San Antioco. An important mining area up until the closing of the mines at the beginning of the 1990s, the region represents two out of eight areas included in the geo-mining historical and environmental park of Sardinia. The area is distinguished by natural, archaeological and neglected mining settlements.

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Germany - 27-Apr-23 -

Sulcis Iglesiente (T) by Nan

Sulcis-Iglesiente is a historical mining region in southwestern Sardinia. Mining activities date back to prehistoric times with evidence of lead, silver, and copper extraction in the Nuragic era. The Roman period saw significant expansion of mining activities with the discovery of large deposits of lead, silver, and zinc. Mining activity declined in the Middle Ages but was revived in the 19th century with the discovery of rich coal deposits.

As is common for dormant tentative sites, it's not quite clear what is actually included in the nomination. I think we covered two parts of what would be included in a nomination:

  • We visited the Coal Mine Museum in Carbonia. Carbonia is a planned coal mining city from 1938. Unfortunately, we didn't drive through the city.
  • We stayed for a night in Sant'Antioco and went hiking the next day along the west coast. When you cross over to Sant'Antioco you pass a large saline.


It's hard to say given the limited state of the nomination what the OUV could be. The glimpses we got did not convince me, that this should be on the list. Seeing that Italy has streamlined their inscription process of late and this site hasn't been going anywhere for 20 years, I doubt this will ever make it to a WHC session.

While You Are There

The area boasts several Nuraghis (T) you can visit. The island of Sant'Antioco is lovely and it's West coast offers stellar views.

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Sulcis Iglesiente
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