The Triassic is a geologic period and system that extends from about 250 to 200 Ma (252.2 - 0.5 to 201.3 - 0.2 million years ago). It is the first period of the Mesozoic Era, and lies between the Permian and Jurassic periods. Both the start and end of the period are marked by major extinction events. (wiki)

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Dolomites Das Gebirge besteht zu grossen Teilen aus Sedimentgestein, das deutlich typische Schichtungen aufweist. Dazwischen findet man auch Lagen aus versteinerten Korallenriffen, die in der Tethys der Trias gewachsen waren. (Wiki)
Durmitor National Park The dominant features are the limestone formations of the Middle and Upper Triassic, the Upper Jurassic and the Upper Cretaceous, especially the so-called Durmitorean flysch. (Nom file)
Evaporitic Karst and Caves "The nominated property encompasses two different geological periods during which evaporitic rocks were deposited: Firstly, the Triassic period (200 million years ago) associated with the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea" (AB ev)
Ischigualasto / Talampaya
Monte San Giorgio Der Monte San Giorgio ist die weltweit bedeutendste Fundstelle für marine Fossilien aus der Mitteltrias (245 bis 230 Mio. Jahren).) Wiki
Putorana Plateau The Putorana Plateau originates from a Permian- Triassic mantle plume, which is an immense upwelling of magma, resulting in extended tectonic movements and extensive volcanism. This created a basalt and tuff plateau in which rivers and streams carved valleys and canyons over millions of years. (AB ev)
South China Karst The nominated property contains a cross-section of key features of the regional geology of the area including the deposition of carbonates up to the Triassic period (250 million years ago) and the subsequent tectonic evolution of the area (AB ev)
Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Im Tertiär fand eine Hebung und Abtragung der aufliegenden Sedimente statt. Zum Teil kam es zu einer Überschiebung der kristallinen Masse nach Norden über Reste der Sedimente, so an der Jungfrau und südlich des Eigers.) Wiki,


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