Time Capsules

WHS where Time Capsules have been hidden (or found).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Grand Pré "... found behind the cornerstone of the Memorial Church. It contained an Acadian flag, a document and newspapers" (contents now in the Visitor Center)
Hallstatt-Dachstein Memory of Mankind: "Information is printed on ceramic tablets, then stored in the salt mine of Hallstatt."
Mexico City and Xochimilco "The time capsule, a lead box, was hidden in a hollow stone ball on top of a bell tower to mark the two-hundred-foot tall tower’s completion on May 14, 1791, two hundred eighteen years after construction began. Inside was a case of wax blessed by the sitting Pope and an engraving of St. Barbara to ward off lightning. A parchment listed the capsule’s contents, including 23 medals, five coins, and five small crosses made of palm fronds that the parchment said were “for protection from the storms.”"
Strasbourg Under Cathedral Square. Placed 23 September 1995, to be opened 23 September 3790.


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