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WHS which have been locations for "historically significant" strikes.

The connection belongs to History connections.

Connected Sites

  • Ancient Thebes: Around 1152BC the workers at Deir el Medina went on strike: the first documented strike in history!  Link
  • Liverpool: 1911 (Jun- Aug) General Transport Strike. St Georges Hall was a major location for meetings and a riot known as "Bloody Sunday". Events can be followed and related to actual locations in this link  Link
  • Oaxaca and Monte Alban: 2006 Teachers Strike. Commenced in May 2006 with an occupation of the Zocalo. Attempts to break up the protest led to escalation in June with the creation of APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca) made up of representatives of Oaxaca?s state regions and municipalities, unions, non-governmental organizations, social organizations, and cooperatives, the largest group being Section 22, the Oaxacan teachers' union. It encouraged all Oaxacans to organize popular assemblies at every level, declared itself the de facto governing authority of Oaxaca, took over TV/Radio and begun implementing its own laws. The Movement contained significant indigenous aspects including the implementation of 'usos y costumbres' (traditional usages and customs). The action continued throughout 2006 with at least 17 deaths. Link


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