Sir Robert Holmes

Sir Robert Holmes (ca. 1622 - 1692) was an English Admiral of the Restoration Navy. He took part in the 2nd and 3rd Anglo-Dutch wars, both of which he is, by some, credited with having started.... Holmes is chiefly remembered for his exploits on the cruise to Guinea (1664) for the Royal African Company, and for the so-called Holmes's Bonfire of 1666." (Wiki)

Connected Sites

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Forts and Castles Gold Coast "On 10 April he (Robert Holmes) captured Anta Castle on the Gold Coast and several other small strongholds and ships. But the greatest coup was the capture of the principal Dutch base in West Africa, Cape Coast Castle near El Mina, on 1 May. (1664)" (Wiki)
Island of Gorée "In sight of the Dutch base at Goree he (Robert Holmes) took the West Indiaman Brill on 27 December 1663. Stirring up the Portuguese, Africans, and even such Dutch merchants as had a grudge against the WIC, he sank 2 ships and captured 2 others under the guns of Goree (22 January 1664, and the next day took possession of the fort itself." (Wiki)
Kunta Kinteh Island "Up-river, on St. Andreas Island near Jillifri, he (Robert Holmes) then captured a fort which was nominally the Duke of Courland's, but obviously in Dutch hands, and renamed the spit of land James Island". (Wiki)
Wadden Sea "Holmes's Bonfire was a raid on the Vlie estuary in the Netherlands ..... during the 2nd Anglo-Dutch war on 19 and 20 August 1666. The attack, named after the commander of the landing force, Rear-Admiral Robert Holmes, was successful in destroying by fire a large merchant fleet of 140 ships." (Wiki) The Dutch fleet was anchored in Vlieree ("Vlie Roads") which is within the boundaries of the Wadden See site


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