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Sir John Marshall (1876-1958) - Archaeologist. Director General of the Archaeological survey of India between 1902-28. First "allowed" native Indians to take part in excavations in their own country. At the time of his appointment the post had been in abeyance for over a decade and little of India's pre-history had been investigated. He devised and initiated appropriate conservation measures and began a programme of excavations.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Moenjodaro First discovered by the Archaeological survey in 1922. Major excavations commenced 1925 under Marshall revealing a large city built by a civilization contemporaneous with Sumer. His car is in the museum!
Sanchi Excavated 1912-19 under Marshall. Concentrated on the Great Stupa
Taxila Excavated 1913-36 under Marshall. Laid foundation stone for museum in 1918. Finally published his report in 1951


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