Pompey the Great

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Mtskheta AB evaluation " The citadel (Armaz-tsikhe) of Great Mtskheta is located on the side of Bagineti mountain on the right bank of the river Mtkvari". Wiki "Armazi remained the holy city of Iberian paganism (Iberia = Caucasian Iberia, an ancient Georgian Kingdom) and one of the defenses of Mtskheta. The fortress was captured by the Roman general Pompey during his 65 BC campaign against the Iberian king Artag. A ruined structure over the Mtkvari River dates from that time and is still called "Pompey's bridge"."
Old City of Jerusalem Captured by Pompey in 63BC. After a 2 month siege in which the northern walls were breached, Pompey and his army entered the Temple itself. See "Wars of the Jews" by Flavius Josephus (chapter 7)
Rome Pompey's Theatre. Wiki "not only the first permanent theatre ever built in Rome, but an eye-popping complex of lavish porticoes, shops, and multi-service buildings" Parts of the building are incorporated into other structures in present day Rome but the site itself is now largely built over. See


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