Permafrost Mounds

In Permafrost areas, where the underlying substrate contains ice and water, it is possible for this to grow under the soil surface and create visible surface mounds. The name given to these mounds varies according to the part of the world in which they occur and the detailed nature of the process creating them . The internationally accepted geo-morphological names are Pingo ( ) and Palsa ( ).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Laponian Area "A wide variety of features illustrating both historic and on-going geological processes are found. These include features such as ......... palsa bogs." (AB eval)
Lena Pillars "At Lena Pillars Park, there are ......... bulgunnyakhs (also called pingo, an ice formation)" - Pravda
Putorana Plateau See "Spatial distribution of Pingos in N Asia" ".....the Putorana Plateau (49 pingos; mean elevation 699 +/- 109masl)"


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