WHS which are or were once a "Pentapolis" or a part of one. "A Pentapolis is a geographic and/or institutional grouping of five cities" See

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Cyrene The Western part of Cyrenaica as colonised by the Greeks from c 600BC "comprising five cities, hence known as the Pentapolis: Cyrene .. with its port of Apollonia (Marsa Susa), Arsinoe or Taucheira (Tocra), Euseperides or Berenice (near modern Benghazi), Balagrae (Bayda) and Barce(Mari) ... of which the chief was the eponymous Cyrene. The term "Pentapolis" continued to be used as a synonym for Cyrenaica" (Wiki). From 296, when Diocletian reorganised Cyrenaica into 2 provinces one, containing Cyrene, was called "Libia Pentapolis"
M'Zab Valley The fortified towns of Ghardaia, Bounoura, Melika, Beni Isguen and El Atteuf are often referred to as the "M'zab Pentapolis" as they are closely situated together in the Mzab valley and share the same culture/religion etc
Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands Cinque Terre
Ravenna a Pentapolis including: Ravenna, Forlì, Forlimpopoli, Classe, Caesarea
Syracuse "Ortygia consisted of five parts, giving rise to its alternative name of Pentapolis." (AB Ev) – "the city, rich and powerful, was divided into five areas, (the 'pentapolis' about which Cicero spoke) - Achradina and Tycha both residential areas, Neapolis, rich in monumental buildings, Epipoli, with a strategic function and Ortygia reserved for the tyrant. (Nomination file, p. 145)
Urbino A Pentapolis including: Urbino, Cagli, Jesi, Gubbio and Fossombrone


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