Named after Adolf Hitler

Sites (often briefly) named after Hitler.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Budapest Korond square was renamed Adolf Hitler square under the rule of Horthy
Holy Trinity Column The square on which it sits, Horní náměstí (Upper Square), was briefly named Adolf Hitler Platz
Kraków Rynek Square was changed to Hitlerplatz
Odesa "Catherine Square, where the monument to the empress previously stood, has been called Karl Marx Square and Adolf Hitler Square within living memory" (see link)
Riga Brivibas iela was was renamed "Adolf Hitler strasse" during the Nazi occupation (and then "Lenin iela"!!") It IS included within the inscribed area which consists of Old City, Boulevards and Suburbs. Brivibas Iela goes out from the edge of the old city and is shown in both these areas (marked 2 + 3) on the UNESCO map. Also quote from AB review "National Romanticism evolved from Jugendstil in Latvia, again on the Finnish model. This movement is represented by the work of architects such as E. Laube, K. PekSens, and A. Vanags, with some striking examples of their work in Alberta and Brivibas Streets."
Skocjan Caves The Anophthalmus hitleri (which is a beetle named after him) is found there
Trier Porta Nigra Platz was changed to Hitlerplatz
Vienna Rathausplatz was changed to Hitlerplatz
Warsaw Pilsudski Square was changed to Hitlerplatz


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