Max Uhle

Max Uhle (1856 - 1944) was a German archaeologist, whose work in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia at the turn of the Twentieth Century had a significant impact on the practice of archaeology of South America (Wiki)

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Caral-Supe There is some debate as to whether Uhle discovered this site in 1905. He certainly investigated a site in the Supe valley at Aspero 25kms away, but credit for discovering Caral is normally assigned to Paul Kosok in 1948, with Ruth Shady being creditted with the excavations which proved the existence of the earliest known Peruvian civilisation (published 2001) . However, this New Scientist article from 2001, describing Shady's newly published conclusions, gives the credit for discovering the site to Uhle
Chan Chan One of the 10 "palaces" at Chan Chan was named in honour of him - Uhle (Also titled -"Xllangchic An" (In Mochica) and "House of the East").
Chinchorro Culture Nearly one hundred mummified individuals were excavated there by German archaeologist Max Uhle, who proposed the first typology of bodies with artificial treatment. (AB ev)
Qhapaq √Ďan Includes the "Archaeological Sanctuary of Pacahacamac (PEXP-40/CS-2011)". This site was first excavated by Uhle "His site report of work at Pachacamac was highly praised and is still used as a basic text for studying South American archaeology." - (Wiki). He also travelled and documented parts of the Qapac Nan as far south as sections in Argentina -e.g "nowhere else in Argentina or Peru have I found larger or more beautiful fragments of Inca style earthenware jars than from among the ruins of the home of the Inca in La Rioja". (Uhle 1923)" (Nom file)
Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca In 1923 Uhle excavated the ruins of "Tomebamba" the pre-Columbian city over which Cuenca was constructed. In particular he identified a part of the city built by the Incas after their conquest of the indigenous Canari and named "Pumapungo" ("Door of the Puma"). He attributed excavated buildings as e.g. The Palace of Huayna Capac.
Tiwanaku In 1892 Uhle "published "The Ruins of Tiahuanaco in the Highlands of Ancient Peru," .... This extensive work is considered the first in depth scientific account of the ancient site of Tiwanaku Bolivia.


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