"Judensau (German for "Jews' sow" or "Jewish sow")] is a derogatory and dehumanizing image of Jews in obscene contact with a large sow (female pig), which in Judaism is an unclean animal, that appeared during the 13th century in Germany and some other European countries; its popularity lasted for over 600 years" (Wiki). Still "in situ" within a WHS. Those in Wittenberg and Regensburg have nearby "explanatory" plaques which have been criticised for not being "explanatory" and "critical" enough.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bamberg Dom
Cologne Cathedral Carved on a choir stall from 1322
Luther Memorials Wittenberg: On the facade of the Stadtkirche from 1305. "It portrays a rabbi who looks under the sow's tail, and other Jews drinking from its teats. An inscription reads "Rabini Shem hamphoras," gibberish which presumably bastardizes "shem ha-meforasch" " Wiki
Regensburg Mid 14C "weathered sculpture of a Judensau .. from the south fa├žade of the Regensburg cathedral. It depicts three Jews, who were originally identified by pointed hats"
Upper Middle Rhine Valley Wernerkapelle in Bacharach, 1290


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