Sites connected to groups known as "Gypsies", that consist of Roma, Sinti or Dom people

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Auschwitz Birkenau Over 20,000 were murdered here
Heritage of Mercury Almaden: Gypsies were amongst the forced labourers to work in the mines.
Istanbul The Sulukule district (within the inscribed area was the traditional area for Roma/Romani etc. Istanbul has just been criticized for not protecting it.
Old City of Jerusalem A group of 5000 Dom "gypsies" has lived in East Jerusalem for the past 800 years. They are considered to have departed from the Indian subcontinent earlier than the Romani people
Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans From May 1941 to September 1943, the French authorities established an internment camp to hold the area's gypsies and others with no fixed address (Centre de Rassemblement des tziganes et nomades). (wiki)
Tokaji Wine Region a major minority group mainly in Szerencs
Villages with Fortified Churches After the departure of most Saxons to Germany, the villages have become virtual "Roma villages" (60% of the population)


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