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Great Spa Towns of Europe Karlovy Vary: "in 1885, the Municipal Theatre saw the visit [of] Gustav Klimt, the Austrian painter who also created, together with Franz Matsch, the theatre's hand-painted curtain and mural paintings". (Nomination File, p. 146)
Ravenna Klimt's use of gold leaf in paintings was inspired by a trip he made to Italy in 1903. When he visited Ravenna he saw the Byzantine mosaics in the Church of San Vitale. For Klimt, the flatness of the mosaics and their lack of perspective and depth only enhanced their golden brilliance, and he started to make unprecedented use of gold and silver leaf in his own work.
Stoclet House "In 1904, [Klimt] collaborated with other artists on the lavish Palais Stoclet, the home of a wealthy Belgian industrialist that was one of the grandest monuments of the Art Nouveau age. Klimt's contributions to the dining room, including both "Fulfillment" and "Expectation", were some of his finest decorative works".
Vienna Klimt has painted mural for several buildings in Vienna, e.g. the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Burgtheater. His Beethoven Frieze is on display in the Secession Building. His famous painting "The Kiss" is in the Belevedere Palace.


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