Chichen Itza
Gebel Berkal

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Dubbed 'White City'

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Connected Sites

  • Arequipa: La Ciudad Blanca (The building material is white "Sillar")
  • Berat and Gjirokastra: The name of the city in Albanian is "Berat" or "Berati", which is probably derived from the Old Slavonic Бѣлградъ or "Bel(i)grad"[(Белград, meaning "white city" in theSouth Slavic languages), under which name it was known in Greek, Bulgarian, Latin and Slavic documents during the High and Late Middle Ages
  • Berlin Modernism Housing Estates: One of the estates is called "Wei?e Stadt" = "White City
  • Kasbah of Algiers
  • Sucre: La Ciudad Blanca
  • White City of Tel-Aviv


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