WHS with the greatest water depth within their inscribed area. Over 1000m.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Galapagos Islands "The islands have been formed by volcanoes rising out of a submarine platform at a depth of 1,300m. In outer waters, ocean depths fall to 4,000m except for the existence of several seamounts which rise to less than 100m below sea level." AB (Exact location of site boundary not clear! The park includes "all waters within 15 nautical miles of a baseline joining the outermost points of the Galapagos Islands").
Gough and Inaccessible Islands "the islands rise from a sea depth of about 3,500 m" AB. The boundary lies 12nm from the shore and appears to include "abyssal areas"
Lake Baikal 1642 m (5387ft)
Papahanaumokuakea Papahanaumokuakea "encompasses a multitude of habitats, ranging from 4,600 m below sea level to 275 m above sea level, including abyssal areas, seamounts and submerged banks" (AB)
Phoenix Islands 6000 mtrs deep


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