Chinese Porcelain in Africa

WHS Archaeological sites in Africa in which Chinese Porcelain has been discovered.

Connected Sites

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Great Zimbabwe Ruins "excavations in Great Zimbabwe unearthed glass beads and fragments of porcelain and china of Chinese and Persian origin which bear testimony to the extent of trade within the continent." (AB eval)
Mapungubwe "Glass beads, spindle whorls and fragments of Chinese porcelain are evidence for a flourishing trade with the east coast of Africa and, from there, with India, Indonesia and China" (Nom File)
Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara "Cowrie shells, pearls of glass, carnelian or quartz were interphased with porcelain of the Sung dynasty as an iteim of exchange from the12th century. Chinese porcelain and Islamic monochrome faience continued to be the vectors of a bartering system well after the appearance of a monetary atelier at Kilwa " (AB eval).


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