Cephalophore statues

A Cephalophore "(from the Greek for "head-carrier") is a saint who is generally depicted carrying their own severed head. In Christian art, this was usually meant to signify that the subject in question had been martyred by beheading" (Wiki) WHS containing a staute of a Cephalophore in situ i.e excluding those in Musea.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Amiens Cathedral Amiens Cathedral Western entrance- decapitated martyrs Victoricus and Gentian
Bamberg Bamberg Cathedral North wing - The Lachelnde Engel hands the matyr's crown to the headless St Denis
Paris, Banks of the Seine Notre Dame facade. Statue of St Denis
Provins Eglise Saint Ayoul. Stature of the eponymous saint.
Reims Reims Cathedral Doorway. Statue of St Denis


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