Cecil John Rhodes

The Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes DCL (5 July 1853 - 26 March 1902) was a British businessman, mining magnate, and politician in South Africa. An ardent believer in British Colonialism, Rhodes was the founder of the southern African territory of Rhodesia, which was named after him in 1895. (Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Rhodes#South_Africa/

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Cape Floral Region Includes Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. "... purchased by Cecil John Rhodes in1895........ The land now occupied by the Kirstenbosch Gardens was bequeathed to the Nation by Cecil Rhodes who died in 1902." (Wiki). The Nomination File makes several references to the "Rhodes Will" in which he left a large portion of land on the slopes of Table Mountain to the nation.
Matobo Hills "Cecil Rhodes, Leander Starr Jameson, and several other leading early white settlers....... are buried on the summit of Malindidzimu, the 'hill of the spirits'" (Wiki) Called World's view" by Rhodes it was his chosen burial location and is marked by a memorial
Victoria Falls The Railway bridge was the brainchild of Cecil Rhodes, part of his grand and unfulfilled Cape to Cairo railway scheme, even though he never visited the falls and died before construction of the bridge began. Rhodes is recorded as instructing the engineers to "build the bridge across the Zambezi where the trains, as they pass, will catch the spray of the Falls"


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