Built in the 9th millennium BC

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Ancient Jericho In the Neolithic period, a sizeable settlement developed in the 9th to 8th millennium BCE (AB ev)
Caves of Yagul and Mitla In the Naquitz phase (8,900-6,700 BC) within the Paleo- Indian period, evidence from Guilá Naquitz cave has been found for domestication of local plants including gourds, squash, beans and corn.(AB ev)
Rock Art in the Hail Region the record of surviving rock art commences shortly after 10,000 years ago (AB ev)
Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin "The dating of this art has been the subject of many years of debate among prehistorians. It is now generally accepted that the art is not Palaeolithic, because of the culture that it depicts, but its precise attribution - whether it began in the Epipalaeolithic (from c 10,000 to 5000 BC) or in the full Neolithic that followed - is still not fully established. The nomination dossier proposes an elegant partial reconciliation of the two points of view: ... This may interpreted as a bracket in time between c 8000 and 3500 BC." (AB ev)


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