Built in the 8th century BC

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Ancient ferrous metallurgy sites "Dated to the 8th century BCE, Douroula bears the most ancient testimony to the development of iron production in Burkina Faso" (AB ev)
Caves of Maresha and Bet Guvrin "The practice of subterranean excavating as quarries and annexes for dwellings and villages began in the 8th century BCE." (AB ev, about Maresha)
Gebel Barkal Gebel Barkal consists of 5 sites mainly from the Napatan and Meroitic culture of the 2nd Kushite Kindom between 8C BC until 4C AD, together with some earlier Egyptian remains at Jebel Barkal from their period of rule over Kush, pre-Napatan tombs at El Kurru from 9C BC and some post-Meroitic remains at Zuma through to 6C AD. By 3C BC the royal burial grounds had been transferred to Meroe. GB would best be described as '1st millennium BC'. The chosen 'century' represents the commencement of the Napatan period
Olympia "The Olympic Games were celebrated regularly beginning in 776 B.C." - remaining monuments are a little later (f.e. Temple of Zeus (470-457))
Syracuse Syracuse: "From the ancient Greek period to the Baroque" - founded ca. 734 B.C.
Tak'alik Ab'aj "the city, which existed from 800 BCE to 900 CE" (AB ev)


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