British Military victories over France

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Blenheim Palace Named after the Duke of Marlborough's victory on 13 Aug 1704 over Louis XIV's Franco-Bavarian army at Blindheim (S Germany) during the War of the Spanish Succession. Marlbrough commanded troops of the Grand Allaince including 16000 British plus Prussian, Austrian, Danish, Dutch etc with a total of over 40000. The palace, whose construction commenced in 1705, was given to Marlborough in gratitude by the British nation.
Island of Gorée Captured in December 1758 by Admiral Augustus Keppel . The island was occupied by the British until 1763 when it was returned under the terms of the Treaty of Paris.
Island of Saint-Louis Captured in 1758 during the Seven Year's War :- "The sudden arrival of British troops took the garrison completely by surprise. On 1 May they surrendered the fort, and the resident traders swore allegiance to the British. Not a single Briton had been killed in the taking of the settlement." Was kept by Britain under the 1763 Treaty of Paris but was lost again during the American War of Independence.
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro English troops took the star fort the French Napoleonic troops made where the Retiro park stands today.
Québec Captured by General Wolfe on 18 Sept 1759 after a siege which commenced June 25. Both Wolfe and the French commander Montcalm were killed.


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