The Aurignacian is an archaeological tradition of the Upper Palaeolithic. It is associated with the earliest modern humans in Europe and their migration from the Near East. It first appeared in Eastern Europe around 43,000 BP, and in Western Europe between 40,000 and 36,000 years BP. (wiki)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Altamira Cave Cave of El Castillo: The archaeological stratigraphy has been divided into around 19 layers, depending on the source they slightly deviate from each other, however the overall sequence is consistent, beginning in the early Aurignacian, around 44,100 years ago (wiki)
Caves and Ice Age Art the focus of the nomination is on those deposits in the six caves from the Aurignacian period (AB ev)
Decorated cave of Pont d'Arc The people of this culture also produced some of the earliest known cave art, such as ... the paintings at Chauvet cave in southern France (wiki)
Mount Carmel Caves Levantine Aurignacian (45,000-20,000 BP) at elWad, Sefunim, Kebara and Raqefet caves (nom file)


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