Archaic Greece

The archaic period in Greece (800 BCE - 480 BCE) is a period of Ancient Greek history.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Archaeological Site of Delphi "their religious and political influence over the whole of Greece increased in the 6th century BC" (OUV)
Butrint "Bouthroton (modern day Butrint) was originally one of the major centres of the Epirote tribe of the Chaonians, part of the northwestern Greek group of tribes... The earliest archaeological evidence of settled occupation dates to between 10th and 8th centuries BC...The acropolis was erected on a hill on the bank of a lake Butrint (or lake Bouthrotum). The first extension of the 7th century BC acropolis occurred during the 5th century BC (wiki)
Delos "reached the peak of its glory during the Archaic and Classical period, when it acquired its Pan-Hellenic character" (OUV)
Pythagoreion and Heraion of Samos Heraion and Eupalinus’ tunnel date from the 6th century BC
Syracuse "Ancient Syracuse, includes the nucleus of the city's foundation as Ortygia by Greeks from Corinth in the 8th century BC." (Official description) "It has been possible to demonstrate how this town plan has survived today in many areas of Ortygia, which thus becomes an extraordinary example of how the aggregation and organisation of the town over the centuries still clearly maintains its Archaic Greek mould." (Nomination file, p. 55)


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