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Anchialine Habitats

Bodies of haline water usually with a restricted exposure to the open air, always with more or less extensive subterranean connections to the sea and showing noticeable marine as well as terrestrial influences". Anchialine habitats include landlocked open pools, similar pools in the interior of caves and entirely submerged cave passages

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Connected Sites

  • Galapagos Islands Link
  • Hawaii Volcanoes Link
  • Jeju: Yongcheon Lava Tube Lake "The lake appears to be a unique feature that has not been reported in other lava tubes around the world although there are a number of lakes known in lava tubes. There is some evidence that this lake is anchialine (freshwater lies on top of more saline water) and the presence of aquatic invertebrates (copepods) demands that this lake be more closely studied, and carefully conserved, as such anchialine communities have proved to be of very considerable significance elsewhere around the world." - Nomination File
  • Ningaloo Coast: An unprepossessing exterior protects the secrets of Bundera Sinkhole; a closer look over its rocky edge reveals aquamarine waters and a wealth of anchialine life (Nom File)


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