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Albatross breeding sites

WHS which include the breeding site of a species of Albatross.

IUCN recognises 22 species of Albatross (Alternative definitions range between 14 and 24) of 4 Genera (Great, N Pacific, Sooty and Mollymawk). 20 are listed in Wiki as breeding within a WHS using its definition of "species" - )

The connection belongs to Ecology connections.

Connected Sites

  • Galapagos Islands: Espanola (Hood Island) - Galapagos (or Waved)
  • Gough and Inaccessible Islands: Gough - Tristan, Atlantic yellow-nosed, Sooty Inaccessible - Tristan, Atlantic yellow-nosed
  • Heard and McDonald Islands: Wandering, Black-browed, Light-mantled
  • Macquarie Island: Wandering, Black-browed, Grey-headed, Light-mantled
  • Papahanaumokuakea: Midway and Laysan Islands - Laysan, Black-footed
  • Sub-Antarctic Islands: Antipodes Islands - Antipodean (race antipodensis), Shy (race steadi - alternatively considered the "White Capped" species), Black-browed, Light-mantled Auckland Islands - Gibson's, Southern royal (Enderby only), Northern royal (Enderby only), Shy (race steadi), Light-mantled Bounty Islands - Salvin's Campbell - Antipodean (race antipodensis), Southern royal, Black-browed, Campbell, Grey-headed, Light-mantled, Sooty Snares - Salvin's, Black-browed, Buller's


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