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My first introduction with the WHS listings dates back to 1994. I was then 'obsessed' (something totally unthinkable for a highschool student then!) with the subject of Spanish Colonial architecture in my country -the Philippines- and it made me appreciate them more when four of them were included in the List. Cool.
Now,theyve finally had something nice to talk about our country aside from us being Third World and Imelda Marcos' shoes.
My interest have broadend up eversince to include WHS in Southeast and East Asia and further away, North/South America and Europe. I dont think I'll be visiting each one of those places, at least,not in my lifetime but hopefully, enough to make me appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of humanity.

WHS that I've savored:

1. the Philippines
-- Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras (aka Banawe Rice Terraces)
-- 3 of the Baroque Churches listed
-- Historic City of Vigan
-- St. Paul's underground river, Palawan

2. Canada
-- Historic City of Quebec (at -40 C!!!)
-- Canadian Rockies
-- Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
-- Almost visited Lunenburg but never did...dang!

3. USA
-- Statue of Liberty (didnt know it was part of the list till now!)

4. Macao, China

5. WHS in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

WHS that I will soon be savroing (in the next 5 years or so!)

1. China (Beijing, Xian, Ping Yao, Suzhou etc)
2 Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An)
3. Thailand ( Ayuthaya)
4. Canada (Lunenburg- finally!)

Should any of you have any questions about Philippine world heritage sites,drop me a mail: ihud78@hotmail.com

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Mount Taishan

Ivan ManDy Philippines - 01-Apr-11

Another Chinese imperial playground! The cable car ride up was very scenic and makes you wonder who on earth where they able to climb the mountain using horses! Looking down, the rocks are quite jagged and we didnt notice any paths. Do time your visit when the weather is sure to be sunny as you wont really the beauty of the place when its all foggy like on the day we visited.

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Temple, Mansion and Cemetery of Confucius

Ivan ManDy Philippines - 01-Apr-11

We were lucky to have a very accommodating and knowledgeable guide (a big plus being able to speak our language) which is perhaps why I really appreciated this place.The whole complex is really a tribute to Confucius and his (priviledged) descendants who were lavished upon by the succeeding imperial rulers just because of their familial links to the great sage himself. Being of Chinese ancestry, standing in front of 'supposed' grave of this philosopher really strikes you to the core and makes you remember all the things which you learned from school

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Summer Palace

Ivan ManDy Philippines - 01-Apr-11

There is now a subway line albeit an almost hour long train ride to the Summer Palace. After seeing the Forbidden city, this place strikes to me as an over-sized catering to the whims of the imperial Chinese emperors (which I guess really is!) This place is really interesting and is a very fascinating glimpse to the playful, artistic and sometimes crazy side of China's past rulers.

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El Escurial

Ivan ManDy Philippines - 01-Apr-11

Grand is the word to describe this palace. From the outside, one is overpowered by its sheer size and immensity, the interior however is very austere and your initial idea of a palace is of 'Baroque splendor' (like mine was), the Escorial may leave a lot to be desired

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Monastery of Batalha

Ivan ManDy Philippines - 06-Sep-06

I loved Alcobaca for her grand simplicity, a perfect combination with the delicate beauty of the church at Batalha. After getting all cathedraled-out in Spain, Alcobaca and Batalha sure proved to be welcome change from all the artistic excess of Portgual next-door neighbor. I loved all those fantastic traceries inside the church and its just too bad that 600 years on, this church isnt finished yet!

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